We ensure flexible operative support with extensive know-how and methodology for professional implementation intentions.

Resource and knowledge pool.

Our offer.

We staff our roles with experienced professionals and support you during resource shortages with assumption of temporary tasks through declared experts. Thanks to the provisioning of intersectional approaches you get to avoid “copycats”.

Program management

Project management

Project management office

Company architecture

Process management

Product development

Quality management

Test management

Rollout management

Mind setting

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Regulation and compliance


Training and schooling

Your benefit.

We are not only excellent at controlling complexity but also at making it intelligible. In our opinion, change is only successful if the results of implementation intentions become a meaningful reality to the people affected. This is why we make sure that those exact results will consequently be anchored  in you company long-term.

Our course of action.

“Change is only successful if the results of implementation intentions become a meaningful reality to the people affected…”

Implementing innovatively

The basis of our procedure is the creation of a positive, open and adaptable mindset. This applies to the process of a project itself as well as to all affected sectors within the company. During the project work we will constantly have the present company situation in mind and thus be able to guarantee rapid reactions to external developments – this includes complex and critical situations. The frequently quoted “thinking out of the box” ensures the consideration of state-of-the-art methods which results not only in prompt but permanent solutions for your company.


Project goals will be realised within time, budget and quality

Securing sustainably

The mindset of “devil may care” often becomes sad reality for entrepreneurs who use external management consulting services. To us this reality is unacceptable. The assurance of quality in the project and program aftermath as well as the documentation of requirements, results and measures are natural consequences. We will furthermore ensure your company’s abilities to fulfil its duties of regulatory requirements and the permanent application of new processes through schooling and coaching of your managers and employees.


ROI will be secured