“In times of change a company needs a straight-forward and well-known business strategy as well as unfiltered customer contact and an active and adaptive responsiveness within its organisation.”

Management consultation.

Our approach.

We are here to identify inconsistencies within strategy, customers and organisation. We see the fashion of this very interaction as a starting point for the development of a future-oriented and adaptable enterprise. Thanks to the extensive practical experience of our consultants we can ensure the realisation of the drafted measures and their long-term effect. (read further:  resource and knowledge pool).

Your benefits.

The adaptability of your organisation will be improved medium- to long-term. This way, propositions and ideas of your employees as well as customer feedback can easily be included into value-added processes. Your organisation will also be capacitated to develop new approaches, continually improve processes and increase efficiency. The existing processes will be optimised and the continuous development of new ideas will be secured (organisational ambidexterity).

Our course of action.

Phase 1: Analysis

Within this phase we will conduct an analysis of the sectors strategy, costumer experience and relations as well as of the company itself. The interactions between those sectors will also be analysed. Additional attention will be given to your company’s adaptability in general and its capabilities in developing and realising adaptations and innovations. It’s also crucial to know how quickly your organisation operates. The result of this phase is a detailed analysis report. This report contains all positive and negative insights.


After the presentation and discussion of the results it’s now up to you to assign us to the next step, which is action planning.


Identification of assets, weaknesses and abilities

Phase 2: Conception

This phase is built on the previous results. Now follows the conception of eligible measures on the basis of pre-existing insights. You will receive an extensive overview concerning assets and identified weaknesses of your organisation. The selection and combination of measures represent the result of the conception which contains a recommendation concerning the order of implementation.


After the discussion and if necessary the adaptation of our conception you decide to start implementing the measures.


Form-fitting solutions enable the improvement of dynamics within the organisation.

Phase 3: Implementation

The costs for the chosen measures need to be estimated before being able to start on the implementing and assurance of results. To this end a definition of individual projects will happen and the project goals and means of action (agile or classic) will be determined. We thereupon generate an offer. With the contained costs for our services you will be able to estimate the project costs in total.


If the decision of implementation is made, we will discuss the details of the general program and the individual projects together with you. We will execute the same approach with time and resource planning of all projects. The result of this phase is the achievement of the project goals.


Strategy, customers and organisation stand in unison.