„In order to develop future-oriented organisations we evolved our product portfolio accordingly, especially in terms of our goals...“

Our product portfolio.

Digital transformation calls for a pro­found change in company organisation.

The array of products of Mima­consulting has been evolved accordingly between the years 2019 and 2020. So far, the focal point lay in the reali­sation and support through know-how and methodology.

Our goal now lays within the active support during the de­velopment of the necessary “bi-manuality” (ambidexterity) of your organisation. In order to create future-oriented organi­sations we re-evaluated our product portfolio in terms of goals and broadened our ex­cellent branch office regarding resources and knowledge with a new approach of organi­sation counselling.

Management consultation

„In times of change a company needs a straight-forward and well-known business strategy as well as unfiltered customer contact and an active and adaptive responsiveness within its organisation.”


Resources and knowledge pool

We ensure flexible operative support with extensive know-how and methodology for professional implementation intentions.