The heads behind it.

Markus Michler

“Passion, courage, integrity and professionalism are fundamental – we carry the responsibility for our actions.”


Studied banker and master of business administration. Married 25 years,  three kids. Has been employed within the sector of business consultancy for over 20 years in different roles, from common consultant to principal. Stations of counsel with Debis AG, IBM Deutschland GmbH, Sercon GmbH and the Constructive Consulting GmbH. Establishment of MIMA Consulting in 2017 with the goal to overcome boundaries and broaden horizons in collaboration with customers.

Michael Grazé

“No bullshit bingo and no pretentious fuss. We’re sometimes unconventional but always sincere and authentic – and will stay that way.”


Studied car salesman, graduate in business administration in the automobile sector and bachelor of arts in automotive management. Six years of experience as car salesman and salesman of corresponding financial products with Volkswagen and Audi. Almost ten years of consulting experience with a focal point on project management within the automotive sector and financial services. Car enthusiast and passionate barkeeper. Partner of MIMA Consulting since the end of 2019. 

Ralf Woik

“I do not know if things will become better with change. But things have to change if they are to become better.” (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, German physicist, 18th century)

Business graduate. 18 years of experience within the sector of vehicle fleet management and full service leasing in various functions and positions: from key accountant to senior project manager and marketing and communication director with specific experience concerning the intersection of IT and business. Self-employed interim manager and partner of MIMA Consulting since the end of 2018.